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Fit in a minute: 
get active, 
your way

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Train with the Burst Fitness App

Your schedule is demanding. Your fitness program shouldn't be. 

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Meet the Burst Founders

We're excited to help you get fit on your terms, anytime, anywhere. 

Premieres June 5th | June 5th-June 7th, 2023

Allison was a national elite athlete in track and cross country. 

She used Burst to enter her first bodybuilding competition just 8 months after having her baby. 

Now, her mission is to bring easy, convenient fitness to everyone. 


Allison Roberts


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Austin Wright


Austin lost over 110 pounds and has kept it off for over 7 years. 

He then competed in his first ever Spartan race and placed in the top 5% of competitors. 

Austin is excited to disrupt the fitness industry with Burst, the easy and doable way to get in shape.

You don't even have to change your clothes. 

You can fitness anywhere: at work, at home, and even on your commute (just remember, safety first). 

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We take out the guesswork, so you can take it easy.

We provide you with customized daily routines and reminders to help you stay on track. Your exercises get refreshed every week. 

The New Science of Quick Burst Exercise (QBE)

QBE is the hottest new fitness trend. By doing just 1 minute of QBE, you can burn up to 100 calories and make your hunger go away for up to 2 hours. 

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Shake your arms and legs as fast as you can for 1 minute at a time. This helps you burn fat.

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Flex each muscle group as hard as you can for 3-5 seconds at a time. This helps you build muscle.

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Do your favorite exercise as fast as you can for 1 minute. This could be running, burpees, you name it.

Don't just take our word for it

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Indira, TX, USA

I've lost 67 pounds, 3 pants sizes, and 4 dress sizes. Once you get started and you see the pounds coming off, you just want to keep going, and that's what motivates me to keep going every day.

Barista Making Coffee

Kevin, UT, USA

[I lost 20 pounds in about 3 and a half months with Burst Fitness.] I had been looking for a way to lose weight for many years now. I just thought, what have I got to lose? Let's try this, and maybe see if this thing works. So I tried it. Guess what? It worked!

Young Mom

Allison, CEO

I lost 45 pounds and entered a bodybuilding competition 8 months after having my baby. I did my exercises wherever I found a spare moment: at my desk, in a conference room, next to my son sleeping in his crib. I was so grateful for the freedom and flexibility of Burst. 

Modern Watch

Rich, BC, Canada

[I've lost 45 pounds in 6 months with Burst and stopped my prediabetes symptoms.] It's for anyone, anytime, anywhere. People say, "I can't! I don't have a gym." No, you can do Burst anywhere. "I don't have the time." No, it only takes 6, 7, 8 minutes a day. It is for everyone. So that's wonderful.

Children Running

Chelsea, MI, USA

I've lost 20 pounds. I literally just did it with my kids. It's super easy, super fast, and efficient. It's a lifestyle now; it's really rewarding in the long run.

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